1: Explore the rich flavors of Mediterranean potato soup with our top recipes.

2: Creamy Greek lemon potato soup offers a zesty twist on a classic dish.

3: Italian minestrone with potatoes is a hearty and satisfying option for winter nights.

4: Spanish potato and chorizo soup brings a spicy kick to the table – perfect for adventurous eaters.

5: Discover the comfort of Turkish potato lentil soup, a delicious and filling meal.

6: Moroccan harira soup with potatoes is a fragrant blend of spices and textures.

7: Savor the simplicity of Provencal potato leek soup, a timeless French favorite.

8: Dig into a bowl of hearty Portuguese Caldo Verde potato soup for a taste of tradition.

9: Don't miss out on these must-try Mediterranean potato soup dishes – perfect for any occasion.