1: Title: 7 Must-Try Clove Tea Infusions Description: Elevate your day with these flavorful clove tea recipes.

2: 1. Clove and Cinnamon Tea 2. Clove and Ginger Tea 3. Clove and Orange Zest Tea

3: 4. Clove and Cardamom Tea 5. Clove and Peppermint Tea 6. Clove and Lemon Tea

4: 7. Clove and Honey Tea Each infusion offers a unique twist on traditional clove tea.

5: Benefits of Clove Tea Boosts immune system and aids digestion.

6: How to Make Clove Tea Simmer cloves in hot water, steep, and enjoy.

7: History of Clove Tea Used for centuries in traditional medicine for its healing properties.

8: Clove Tea for Wellness Promotes relaxation and helps reduce inflammation.

9: Incorporate these clove tea infusions into your daily routine for a flavorful boost.