8 Fun Enrichment Games to Play with Your DogWhite Line

1. Hide and SeekWhite LineHide treats or toys around your home or yard, and encourage your dog to find them using their nose. This game taps into their natural scavenging instincts

2. Puzzle ToysWhite LineInvest in puzzle toys and treat dispensers that require your dog to manipulate the toy to access hidden treats or kibble. These toys provide mental stimulat

3. Food-Dispensing ToysWhite LineFill food-dispensing toys like Kongs with peanut butter, yogurt, or frozen treats. Your dog will spend time trying to get the tasty contents out.

4. Nose WorkWhite LineTeach your dog the basics of scent work by hiding treats or toys in boxes, under cups, or around the house. Gradually make it more challenging by increasing t

5. Agility TrainingWhite LineSet up a mini agility course in your yard or a local dog park using agility equipment like tunnels, jumps, and weave poles. Agility exercises provide p

6. Obedience TrainingWhite LineRegular training sessions that teach new commands or reinforce existing ones keep your dog's mind engaged and strengthen the bond between you and you

7. Fetch with a TwistWhite LineInstead of a traditional game of fetch, try using a flirt pole or Chuckit! ball launcher to add variety to your dog's playtime.

8. Interactive PlaytimeWhite LineEngage your dog in interactive play with toys like rope tugs, laser pointers (for chasing the light, not direct eye exposure), or flirt toys. These

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