8 Sweet Smelling Animals In The WorldWhite Line

1. HoneybeeWhite LineHoneybees are famous for producing honey, which has a sweet and pleasant fragrance. Their hive also emits a sweet aroma, especially when you open it up.

2. Vanilla Orchid BeeWhite LineThese bees are known for their association with vanilla orchids. As they pollinate the orchids, they pick up a vanilla-like scent, which can be detec

3. Butterfly BushWhite LineWhile not an animal, the butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) deserves mention. It's a flowering plant that attracts butterflies with its sweet-smelling nec

4. HedgehogsWhite LineHedgehogs are known to have a sweet, musky odor that some people find pleasant. This scent is believed to be due to the presence of pheromones used in mating.

5. Fennec FoxWhite LineFennec foxes, native to North Africa, are known for their sweet and musky odor. This scent is considered pleasing by some and may help in communication betwe

6. Horse's BreathWhite LineSome people find a horse's breath to have a sweet, grassy scent. This can be attributed to their diet and the fermentation process in their digestive sys

7. KoalaWhite LineKoalas have a unique eucalyptus odor that is often described as a sweet, minty aroma. This scent comes from the eucalyptus leaves they feed on.

8. Red FoxesWhite LineWhile many carnivorous animals have a musky scent, some people find the odor of red foxes to be sweet or earthy, especially during the mating season when they

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