8 Uses Of Garlic Peel That No One Told YouWhite Line

1. Natural PesticideWhite LineCreate a homemade insecticide by boiling garlic peels in water. Let it cool, strain it, and transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. This solution can h

2. FertilizerWhite LineGarlic peels are rich in nutrients that can benefit plants. Chop or grind the peels finely and mix them into the soil to add nutrients like sulfur, potassium

3. Flavor Enhancer in BrothsWhite LineToss garlic peels into stocks, soups, or broths while cooking to infuse them with a subtle garlic flavor. Remember to remove the peels before

4. Vinegar InfusionWhite LineAdd garlic peels to vinegar bottles to infuse the vinegar with a subtle garlic taste. Over time, the vinegar will take on the garlic flavor, which can

5. Household CleanerWhite LineThe natural oils in garlic peels can act as a cleaning agent. Use them to scrub pots and pans, or to clean surfaces. Rubbing garlic peels on a cutting

6. Skin BenefitsWhite LineRubbing the inside of a garlic peel on minor skin irritations like insect bites or rashes may provide relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Howe

7. Craft ProjectsWhite LineDry garlic peels thoroughly and use them in craft projects. They can be used for making potpourri, creating textured collages, or as natural dye for fabr

8. Fire StartersWhite LineDry garlic peels make excellent fire starters due to their flammable nature. They can be used for camping trips or in fireplaces as a natural and aromatic

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