1: Olivia Dunne jokes about being scared by a fan's overzealous reply to her Instagram selfie.

2: The fan's enthusiastic response caught Olivia Dunne off guard in a hilarious way.

3: She humorously reveals her reaction to the fan's over-the-top comment on her post.

4: The unexpected reply left Olivia Dunne laughing at the fan's boldness.

5: She shares how the fan's enthusiasm made her feel a mix of surprise and amusement.

6: Despite being caught off guard, Olivia Dunne appreciates the fan's support.

7: The funny exchange showcases the playful dynamic between Olivia Dunne and her fans.

8: As a lighthearted moment, the fan's reaction adds a touch of humor to Olivia Dunne's social media presence.

9: Overall, Olivia Dunne's playful banter with fans keeps her Instagram feed entertaining and engaging.

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