1: Paul Skenes impresses with powerful performance for Indians MiLB team.

2: Olivia Dunne's mom praises Paul Skenes for stellar showing on the field.

3: Skenes' exceptional talent shines, earning admiration from Dunne's family.

4: Dunne's mom in awe of Skenes' skills in recent MiLB games.

5: Skenes' standout play for Indians draws high praise from Dunne's mom.

6: Dunne's family laud Skenes for stellar performance with MiLB team.

7: Dunne's mom expressbes pride in Skenes' achievements on the field.

8: Skenes' remarkable skills for Indians MiLB team earn recognition from Dunne's mom.

9: Dunne's mom applauds Skenes' outstanding contributions to the team.

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