Top 10 Big Cat BreedsWhite Line

1. Maine CoonWhite LineMaine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds. They can weigh up to 25 pounds or more and are known for their friendly and sociable nature.

2. RagdollWhite LineRagdolls are large, gentle cats with striking blue eyes and semi-long fur. They are known for their placid temperament and can weigh up to 20 pounds or more.

3. Savannah CatWhite LineSavannah cats are a hybrid breed created by crossing domestic cats with servals, a wild African cat. They are tall, lean, and have a wild appearance. Some

4. ChausieWhite LineChausies are another hybrid breed, with domestic cat and jungle cat ancestry. They have a large, muscular build and can weigh up to 25 pounds.

5. Norwegian Forest CatWhite LineKnown for their dense, water-repellent fur and bushy tails, Norwegian Forest Cats are a sturdy, large breed that can weigh up to 20 pounds.

6. Bengal CatWhite LineBengal cats have a wild appearance due to their leopard-like spots and rosettes. They are medium to large in size, with males typically reaching around 15 po

7. Siberian CatWhite LineSiberian cats have a sturdy build and a dense, triple-layered coat. They can weigh up to 20 pounds and are known for their playful and friendly nature.

8. British ShorthairWhite LineBritish Shorthairs are a solid and muscular breed that can reach weights of up to 20 pounds. They have a dense, plush coat and a calm demeanor.

9. Scottish FoldWhite LineWhile not as large as some other breeds on this list, Scottish Folds are known for their unique folded ears and can be quite substantial, with males weigh

10. American BobtailWhite LineAmerican Bobtails have a distinctive bobbed tail and a large, muscular body. They can weigh between 12 to 16 pounds and have a playful and affectionat

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